European Golf Challenge (ECG)

European Golf Challenge specialise in bringing a unique, modern and fun approach to golf events. They currently work with over 100 corporate and charity golf events across the UK, Europe, UAE and America

EGC Logo

European Golf Challenge commissioned to redesign their logo and branding. Their existing logo used a colour palette of dark greens and yellows, It had been in use for over 4 years and was looking a bit ‘tired’. The client wanted a fresh modern branding, using more vibrant colours.


EGC brochure

EGC had their logo redesigned, and so needed their new branding to be reflected in a promotional brochure, to showcase their business to a prospective new client in Spain.

The brief was for a sophisticated but modern look. A square format was used, with the inside pages showing stunning golf images, with maximum white space allowing the copy to be clear and precise. This was designed within a tight six day deadline, but we produced the goods with time to spare.


EGC A4 presenters

These were a series of A4 presentation sheets. They accompanied the promotional brochure at the client’s meeting and were presented to delegates as they arrived. The A4 sheets contained more detailed business information about the company, statistics and costing figures etc. The client only required a small quantity, so they were printed digitally and collated into small folders.