Newcastle City Library

View the variety of work produced for the City Library under this branding.

mcd design, Newcaste City Library, Page Turner leaflet

Page Turner leaflet

This is an A5 leaflet, which folds out to an A3 broadsheet, that can be used as a poster. Produced quarterly for Newcastle City Library, designed as a quick guide to all events in the city libraries over a three month period. The initial design became the template for future editions. The design followed the City Library branding guidelines.


mcd Design, Newcaste City Library, BiPC Centre

BiPC Centre

Newcastle City Library was home to the first regional Business and IP Centre, outside the British Library in London in 2011. Working with Newcastle Library and Science City, I was asked to design a 12pp booklet, which would show the resources available in the centre and also publicise their future programme of workshops and events. The design followed the BiPC branding, with some elements from the City Library’s guidelines.

mcd design, Newcaste City Library, Exhibition panels

Exhibition panels

A series of 12 large exhibition panels showcasing the Newcastle Collection, Newcastle’s unique collection of special rare books owned by the City Library.

The library has a temporary exhibition space on the first floor, consisting of large metal screens. The brief was to design panels, which could easily be taken down and re-installed if the space was needed for other exhibitions. Working with the client and a specialist supplier of large format printing, the solution was to print the panels on a pvc material and have magnetic strips attached to the back, so easily moved by the staff.

The design included an introduction panel and separate panels for each named collection. Text was kept to a minimum, with images of the beautiful and unusual items illustrating the unique collections. The Newcastle Collection had their own logo, as it was a stand alone service and the design of the panels did not have to keep to City Library guidelines.

mcd design, Newcaste City Library, , Exhibition area

Exhibition area leaflet

A 4 page marketing leaflet, distributed to businesses and resident groups in Newcastle, describing all the facilities in the City Library available for hire for meetings, events etc. The design followed the City Library branding guidelines.

mcd design, Newcaste City Library, library cards, newcastle library

Library membership cards

The library required high quality plastic membership cards, for all residents to use in their automated systems. These were designed based on a credit card size. The brief was to design cards for adults and children, double sided with a space on the reverse for a magnetic strip. The design had to follow the City Library guidelines, and a bright vibrant card was requested for children to use. I incorporated the children’s icon from the style branding on the front of that card.