PNE (Project North East)

PNE Enterprise offers support to aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, offering the majority of their services for free. Their team of experts provide confidential advice, help securing funding, training courses and workshops, mentoring schemes, assistance with business plans and use of business resources.

PNE course booklets 

Separate typed handouts on a range of information from writing a business plan, to marketing, finances and taxes were originally provided to attendees on the PNE Enterprise start up businesses course. All this information was compiled together to form seven different workbooks, one for each session of the course.

A template design was used for all seven books, following the same style. Colour coding was applied for each workbook. PNE have their own guidelines for the use of their logo and branding. This had to be followed and accessibility guidelines were met.


PNE course booklet insides

The copy was very detailed throughout all the booklets, so it was important that the layout of the pages were designed to show this as clearly as possible. The books were working documents and were designed so that the students could write comments and any extra information in spaces provided.

Three of the books also had to have tables and charts designed and inserted. All the workbooks were provided in an electronic format to be emailed out and placed on the web. Print ready artwork was also produced for digital print.